About Us

Harnessing the power of nature!

Nature provides and science delivers the power to eliminate offensive odors naturally without harmful chemicals. Odorchem’s formulations utilize this power and have been proven effective for 2 decades in the worst of industrial odor applications. We produce high performance odor neutralizers that eliminate odors at a molecular level rather than simply masking them. Our products are environmentally friendly, and safe to use around people and animals.

Odorchem’s products are marketed under two separate brands: eliminating unwanted odors in commercial and residential applications with PowAir - Earth’s Best Odor Neutralizer, and, terminating nasty odors in the industrial sector with Air8 - Air Quality Solutions.

Air8 Air Quality Solutions are designed to eliminate the worst of odors found in industrial applications such as waste treatment facilities, chemical plants, petroleum plants, fish processing plants and any large application where nasty odors are a major concern. An AiR8 solution can be customized for almost any odor problem. Regardless if the cause is from H2S, amines, ammonia, chlorine, caustics or acids, Air8 provides industry with environmental solutions that help keep their employee’s and work environment safe and healthy.

PowAir odor neutralizers are also produced with the same proven, industrial strength, essential oil based odor neutralizing formulas however they are infused with refreshing aromatic scents and are designed to eliminate a wider spectrum of odors than other odor neutralizers. This is not a masking agent - PowAir eliminates odors permanently at a molecular level. Your home, office or vehicles may not have the same scale of nasty odors as a sewage treatment plant, however, if Odorchem’s proprietary formulas work in those situations, they will easily neutralize your sweaty gym bag, pet, musty basement, garbage, cigarette or skunk odors. Eliminate those nasty odors safely with PowAir, a product line developed specifically for your personal, professional and traveling needs. Use it with confidence!